Who we are

Begrip is an innovative Esports brand and entertainment organization.


A large number of our community wish to become professional streamers, gamers, and esports athletes. Begrip has what it takes to help them unlock their potential.


Founded in Sweden 2000 with Esports in our DNA. As one of the longest-standing esports brands we have developed some of the greatest players in the history of Counter-Strike.


We bring experience, innovation and sustainability to the global gaming and Esports market.


Founded in Sweden


Expanding to more Esports categories


Rebranding and writing new history















Our Mission

Begrip´s mission is to become one of the most impactful esports brands in the world. We accomplish that by creating an innovative and sustainable organization, built from our global team that provides an impactful experience for the communities we play in.

Work with us and shape the future of gaming and esports