Privacy Policy-GDPR

This policy will describe how (the “Site” or “we”) collect and use your personal information when you visit and use our site to make purchases.

Collecting personal information

The information we collect enables us to serve you better and facilitate your purchases. We may also collect information through your contact with our customer service and all information we collect is called personal information.

Device Information

The information we collect includes but is not limited to the browser version, IP address, your time zone, information on sites you view, search terms and how you interact with our site.

The purpose of collecting this information is to help us load our site for you and to perform analytics to help us improve our site’s performance. This collection is done automatically through various means including cookie use, log files and so on.

We may share this information with other websites without notice to you such as Shopify.

Order Information

This includes your name, billing and shipping addresses, payment information, e-mail address and phone number. The purpose of collecting this information is to make sure you get your order promptly and process your payment accurately. It also helps us create invoices, arrange shipping and screen for potential fraud.

We may also use this information to send you advertising you may find relevant. Our source for all of this information is from you alone and we may share this information with our business affiliates.

Customer Support Information

We may collect more personal information from you in order to serve you better and we do not go to anyone else to get that data. All information collected is for business purposes only.


We do not collect personal information from minors and this website is for the intended for the use of persons who have reached the age of majority only. If your child has given us your personal information without authorization, contact us and we will delete it.

Sharing Personal Information

We do share your information with our business associates Shopify in order to fulfil our contractual agreements with you and to provide you with better service. 

Plus, we will share your information where required by law, regulation, upon receipt of subpoenas, warrants and other lawful requests.

Behavioral Advertising

The information we collect from you helps us send you targeted ads or marketing opportunities you may want to know about. We do use Google Analytics to help us understand all of our customers’ use of our website. Google has its own privacy policy which you can access by going to their websites.

Also, we share your collected information with our advertising partners whether directly or through cookies or other technological methods. If by chance you do not want to receive targeted ads, you can opt-out through clicking the right buttons in your Google, Facebook, Bing and other outlets you use.

Using Personal Information

Our use of the information we collect from you is for business purposes only. The information helps us serve you better, provide a better customer experience as well as informing you of upcoming sales and keeping you informed of your purchase process.

We also use that information to notify you of new products, services or offers we have put on our website.

Lawful Basis

We collect your data pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR and if you are a resident of the EEA or European Economic Area we process your information through your consent, we do collect and process data from the performance contract between you and us, compliance with laws and legal requirements, to protect your interests, for other tasks involving public interest and those legitimate reasons that do not violate your rights and freedoms.


We hold on to your information for our records and until you ask us to delete it. See your right of erasure in the Your Rights section below.

Automatic Decision Making

If you are a resident of the EEA then you can object to this process if this process has a legal effect on you or a significant effect on you. We may or may not participate in fully automatic decision making that has legal or other significant effects on using customer data.

Our processor Shopify have limited automatic decision making in order to protect against fraud that will not have a legal or significant effect on you. Those services that include elements of automatic decision making are:

#1. a temporary deny list of IP addresses associated with repeated failed transactions. It does not last long, only for a few hours

#2. a temporary deny list of credit cards associated with those deny list IP addresses. This deny list lasts only for a few days.

Selling Personal Information

We do sell your personal information in accordance with the guidelines established by the California Consumer Protection Privacy Act or CCPA

Your Rights

If you are a member of the EEA you have the right to access your personal information and have it transferred to a new service. Plus, you can ask that your data be corrected, updated or erased. If you like to exercise those rights please use our contact form and make your wishes known.

Your information will be sent to Ireland for processing and further transferred outside of the EEA to Canada or the United States for storage.


If you are a resident of the State of California, you have the right to access your personal data that we have collected and transfer it to a new service or have it corrected, updated or erased. You can contact us through our contact form to let us know your intentions concerning your personal data.

It is possible to designate a third party to act on your behalf. If you select this option please contact us as quickly as possible through our contact information


We use cookies that are downloaded to your computer when you visit our site. These cookies are used for various purposes including social media tracking, advertising, and performance and so on.

These cookies help make your customer experience on our website better and more enjoyable. They also help us remember your log in details. These cookies then help us track who is a first time visitor, repeat visitor or how you use our website.

The length of time the cookie is active on your computer depends on its design and purpose. They can last anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 years after being downloaded onto your electronic device.

Removing cookies can affect your visit with our website and block you from accessing different parts of our website. You can choose to accept or reject any cookie manually or let your browser accept them automatically.

Deleting or blocking cookies does not necessarily stop us from sharing your information with third parties. See the Behavioral Advertising section above to know your rights and how to control your personal data and its use.

Do Not track

There is no consistent industry understanding of how to react to Do Not Track signals from your browser. We do not alter our collection of your data when our systems detect those signals


We may change our privacy policy from time to time after careful consideration of those policies and as required by law. Some changes may occur when we change some of our business practices or for operational, legal or regulatory reasons.


If you have questions, need more information or complaints please contact us at or using the details provided below?

Begrip Filial

If by chance you are not satisfied with our response to your inquiries you can file a complaint through the relevant data collection agency that protects your rights.

Last updated: 2022-12-08